Do you remember a childhood poem that starts “I know an old woman who lived in a shoe, she had so many children she didn’t know what to do”?  Well as I looked it up I found it does not say that anywhere in the poem but for the sake of this blog today I will let my version stand because it fits the scenario of my thoughts for today.

I do not have any physical children but I have many, many spiritual children who have come over the years to stay in my shoe.  There are days that I feel so blessed to have my job and it brings me joy and there are days that I feel I have so many children I just don’t know what to do!  On days like that generally the entire community is chaos. The worst response is to join them in their chaos.  The best laid plans……  I have learned to “be still” and “wait on the Lord.”  The problem with chaos is when I become reactive instead of proactive.  It is when the old shoe becomes too tight!!

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