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Recovering from Trauma and Thriving in Life (DVD set)

dvd_8bundleJo Getzinger, Cheryl Knight, and the CARE Community

Recorded during our Recovering from Trauma and Thriving in Life seminar of 2011, these videos focus on how to provide prayer ministry in a comprehensive way using the Thrive principles: Belonging, Receiving and Giving, Trauma Recovery, Maturity, and Coherent Identity.

  • Five-to-Thrive and CARE Community Testimonies
  • The Value of Christian Community
  • Interventions at Five Levels
  • Attachments
  • Live Prayer Ministry Using Five-to-Thrive and 19 Skills

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Prayer Warriors

Jo Getzinger and Sara Manasseh

This thoughtfully developed, interrelated set of prayers for survivors of severe trauma and their caregivers includes descriptions of the need for each prayer. The booklet is user-friendly for those who have suffered from the effects of severe trauma, especially those who have backgrounds of ritual abuse and have developed Dissociative Identity Disorder. Much more than a collection of written prayers, this book is a guide to help you more effectively pray about your healing journey in an intimate way with the Lord. Topics covered include spiritual warfare, programming, common strongholds, generational sins, double binds and emergent memories. Scriptures and a glossary are provided at the end of the book. Read Excerpts


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Addressing Emotional Pain in the Brain’s Control Center

address_painJo Getzinger

Did you know that God created our brains with a control center that has four levels to it? Those of us who desire to help the hurting and wounded should learn all we can about this concept. It is important to know how God designed the brain to work when it is healthy and what happens to it when it becomes traumatized. Trauma impacts the various levels of the brain’s control center differently. The correct skills and interventions must be applied to effectively resolve pain in the brain’s control center. If you are involved in prayer ministry you will find this an invaluable resource that could change the way you work. This kind of information about the brain and the necessary skills to attend to its pain is like the balm of Gilead we have all needed to get us on the right track.

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Thriving in Community

thriving_communityJo Getzinger and Angie Stockamp

Don’t we all desire that our own healing and the healing of others would spring forth speedily and that we would shine with the glory of the Lord? The Lord Himself lists the essential elements necessary for this to occur in Isaiah 58:6-8. Many prayer ministers and churches have begun to address some of these elements, but what about giving the severely wounded and traumatuzed person a place to belong? In these articles about community life you will experience testimonies of how God’s plan for community brings about miracles of healing and growth not only in the wounded but also in the helper. You will be introduced to how Thrive principles and the Life Model are applied in real life as we live it out in community. You will also receive examples of how the diagnostic model of assessing pain at the various levels of the brain are utilized in order to apply the most effective intervention for any given problem.

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CARE Connections

addiction_compulsionCARE Staff and community members

C.A.R.E., Inc. seeks to provide encouragement, support, networking and the latest information for a network of survivors, counselors, clergy and lay persons. These articles address a variety of topics:

  • Biblical Foundations
  • Tools for Warfare and Prayer Sessions
  • Ritual Abuse Issues
  • Programming

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Setting the Captives Free

captiv2Jo Getzinger, Cheryl Knight, and Chris Coursey

This manual is designed to train and equip pastors, counselors and caregivers on how to provide prayer ministry to survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) who suffer with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The main focus of the manual is on the time spent in the prayer session. In the basic section, SRA and DID are defined and the important elements of the prayer session are highlighted. The pages of the Bible come alive as many passages of Scripture are put into practical use in ways that bring life to survivors and remind the helper that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. The advanced section provides common scenarios of programming used by satanic mind controlling cults.

Chapter Titles

  1. Making the Decision to Be a Disciple of Jesus
  2. Basic Training for Ministering to Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse
  3. Healing: What Is It? What Is It Not?
  4. Memory Work
  5. The Tools for Our Warfare
  6. What Is Satan Trying to Achieve?
  7. How Do I Actually Begin the Prayer Session?
  8. The Use of Medical Procedures and Artificial Devices to Create Mind Control
  9. The Use of Biblical Perversions in Programming
  10. Common Programming Which Creates Main Obstacles for Healing
  11. Exposing False Identities and countering with Biblical Truth
  12. Putting It All Together: Finding the Identity in Christ
  13. Testimonies of Healing

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Surviving In Sanity

surviving_in_sanityCheryl Knight

A help for survivors and the people who care for them to see that the battle is not against flesh and blood but of the spiritual realm. This book addresses:

  • Satanic ritual abuse survivors who often feel insane because no one believes them, including the church, the police and the community
  • Their caregivers and those who do believe there are SRA survivors. God has compassion on all people, including those who have been through ritual abuse! It’s His desire to give these survivors the authority to be a force against the gates of Hell. Yet, the church and caregivers must wake up and recognize that there is a very real spiritual battle raging in this world. God provided us with a battle plan – the Bible – so that we can “fight the good fight” in this battleground. That is how we will survive in sanity..

Chapter Titles

  1. Overview of the War and the Need for Spiritual Warfare
  2. Causes of the War
  3. Who Are Our Enemies
  4. The Battle Plan
  5. Tools Needed for the Battle
  6. Summary

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CARE Connection excerpts are available for purchase from CARE Packaging

Satanic Ritual Abuse? Prove It!

Public concern over the undesirable and damaging effects of ritual abuse is not new. The Roman historian, Livy (b. 59 B.C.E., d. 17 C.E.), wrote about the Roman Senate’s investigation of the cult of Bacchus. According to Livy, this cult practiced human sacrifice and sexual rituals which included incest. Subsequently, the cult’s criminal acts eventually led to its dissolution and being outlawed by the Roman senate in 186 B.C.E. (Livy, 1976). The Bible is another document which attests that there were ancient people who believed that some middle-eastern religions engaged in child sacrifice and other abusive ritual acts. In fact throughout recorded history there have been numerous accounts of abusive practices and ceremonies discovered or alleged to exist in a wide variety of cultural contexts (e.g., see Katchen, 1992). More recently, there have been reports that ritual and cult abuse may be occurring as contemporary phenomena in North America (DeCamp, 1992; Friesen, 1991, 1992; Galanter, 1989; Gould, 1992; Greaves, 1992; Hassan, 1988; Johnston, 1989; Ritual Abuse Task Force, 1989; Rose, 1993; Smith & Pazder, 1980; Warnke, 1972, 1991; Young, Sachs, Braun, & Watkins, 1991), South America (Kilduff & Javers, 1978; Tierney, 1989), Europe (Jonker & Jonker-Bakker, 1991), and Africa (Oke, 1989).

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