The Divine Design

When we began working as licensed counselors in the field of mental health, we encountered some of the most devastating problems of horrific proportions endured by human beings – childhood sexual abuse, human trafficking, and ritualistic abuse. The main purpose of this book is not about how to recover from severe childhood abuse and trauma, although it is a byproduct. This is a book about community.

Prayer Warriors
Prayer Warriors is a thoughtfully developed, interrelated set of prayers for survivors of severe trauma and their caregivers includes descriptions of the need for each prayer. The booklet is user-friendly for those who have suffered from the effects of severe trauma, especially those who have backgrounds of ritual abuse and have developed Dissociative Identity Disorder. Much more than a collection of written prayers, this book is a guide to help you more effectively pray about your healing journey in an intimate way with the Lord. Topics covered include spiritual warfare, programming, common strongholds, generational sins, double binds and emergent memories. Scriptures and a glossary are provided at the end of the book. Read Excerpts

Surviving In Sanity

A help for survivors and the people who care for them to see that the battle is not against flesh and blood but of the spiritual realm. This book addresses Satanic ritual abuse survivors who often feel insane because no one believes them, including the church, the police and the community.Their caregivers and those who do believe there are SRA survivors. God has compassion on all people, including those who have been through ritual abuse! It’s His desire to give these survivors the authority to be a force against the gates of Hell. Yet, the church and caregivers must wake up and recognize that there is a very real spiritual battle raging in this world. God provided us with a battle plan – the Bible – so that we can “fight the good fight” in this battleground. That is how we will survive in sanity…

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