As one of the directors of this ministry I have decided to share my thoughts each day.  I am sure you will be so astounded that you will be sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for the next blog.

I am not a blogger but I do have things that I want to share.  Who do I want to share my thoughts with today?  Obviously anyone who wants to read what I write.  My main audience will be those who work with trauma survivors.  We are investors, we invest in people.  People who have been devastated over the years of abuse.  Often they have no sense of belonging, they view themselves through the eyes of their perpetrators, they often have gone through years of unresolved trauma and they have many attachment issues.  Healing involves an investment of helping those who want help.  But with this investment comes a price.  Time, energy, caring, providing a healing environment for growth and maturity, listening to horrific memories that can create PTSD in the helper (therapist, pastor, caregiver).  All of this is part of the ministry.

CARE provides a community environment for healing that has many branches (if you want to know more read the website).  Some days the price we pay for this investment feels almost too great to bear.  Case in point…. you work with someone for many years listening to their stories when one day they pop up and say “I don’t believe my memories are real.”  They come to us with their history and now tell us after many years that it was all fake.  In my mind I begin to think of all the people we could have helped while this one person was busy telling “stories.”  Yes, Yes, I know there are many reasons a survivor recants but I am sharing with you my thoughts.  This takes an emotional toll on the helper and therapist and makes me want to throw up my hands and say – time for a new career choice even though I am 71 years old.  I’ll become a professional blogger, facebooker or retire.

As I think these thoughts, God is ever present reminding me HE called me to this ministry knowing that there would be many times that my heart would break.  HE began the ministry, HE chose those who came and HE called them to have a choice.  My job?

ISA 44:8  “You are my witnesses.  Is there any God besides  me?  Not there is no other Rock, I know not one”

Isn’t that just like God?  He allows me to complain then gives me the truth – I am His witness and I serve Him.  He does the hard work and I get to witness how great He is!  Well, I feel better now.  Thanks for reading and hanging out with me.

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