For Survivors

Healing from sexual abuse, ritual abuse, and mind control is possible.
CARE, Inc. has helped survivors of sexual abuse (including human sexual trafficking),  ritual abuse (SRA), mind control, and complex trauma for nearly 30 years. It is possible to experience healing for dissociation, PTSD, and find freedom from programming and other traumas. We offer the following services:

Prayer Ministry

Phone or Skype sessions

For those who have survived trauma, including ritual abuse (SRA) and mind control, CARE offers prayer ministry by phone, or Skype.  The first session consists of an intake time and a chance to have your questions answered.  We can also consult with your therapist if you provide a signed release of information form. Please be aware that prayer ministry does not replace the need for ongoing, professional counseling in some cases.


Intensives are week-long sessions of 3 or 6 hours per day of prayer ministry designed to help the survivor reach the roots and causes of the beliefs that create dissociation or other symptoms.  These dedicated periods of time can be highly effective in bringing down strongholds, addressing core beliefs and helping to work past “blocks” inside. To learn more, please click here.

Training for Supporters

Survivors need support – but those who help them may have questions or concerns.  We offer consultations by phone, Skype and in person to therapists, supporters and churches. Click here to learn more.


Prayers you can download free: Click Here

Books and articles written for survivors of ritual abuse, mind control and cult programming: Click here.

For further information, or to schedule an appointment, call our office at (231) 745-0500 or email us at

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