Recovering from Trauma and Thriving in Life Seminar

  • Belonging
  • Receiving and Giving Life
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Maturity
  • Coherent Identity – Knowing Your Heart

Spend one week observing a prayer ministry intensive session utilizing these five-to-thrive concepts as well as assessment of the levels of pain experienced in the brain. Participants will observe appropriate interventions used for the various levels of pain experienced in the control centers of the brain.

A GREAT follow-up to a THRIVE conference

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 Internship Training

This extended program takes place at the C.A.R.E. facility in Baldwin, Michigan. Training includes instruction in topics ranging from basic to advanced materials on type A and B traumas with symptoms such as SRA, DID, Borderline, Narcissism, depression and psychosis. The symptoms are addressed through a Biblical perspective utilizing Life Model and Thrive principles. This innovative program involves intern interactions and participation in the unique healing community of survivors of severe trauma who live in the Baldwin area. The intern will spend time observing client sessions and, when ready, co-facilitate. The intern will have general goals, community and personal goals which will be reviewed and evaluated by a C.A.R.E. staff mentor.

Interns can determine their own length of stay from a few weeks to months. Each intern can also determine the amount of one-on-one time required with a trainer for individual answers to questions.

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THRIVE Conference

At a THRIVE Conference you have the opportunity to improve your brain’s right hemispheric control center, which is only trained through practice and experience with other people who already have the training. This relational experience introduces and equips you with the 19 skills that let you be the person you desire to be not only when life is good, but also when life is complicated, demanding, and downright hard.

Using the central teachings of Jesus, THRIVE teaches ways that free us from the fears and emotional struggles that waste so much time and energy, producing mature followers who are full of His joy, peace, and character strength. Each week of THRIVE provides intensive study and application to let counselors, parents, missionaries, pastors, students, leaders, directors, and key personnel learn to develop the capacities of their nervous systems and those of the people in your family, community or ministry. Everything from parenting and teaching to supervising and counseling depends on a mature, peaceful and synchronized nervous system.

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Small Group Training

C.A.R.E. staff offers small group training (one church location or ministry). They will educate small groups on the issues of DID, healing severe trauma, SRA issues, and Thrive principles of what happens to the brain when it experiences trauma and how it can be healed.

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