Conference Training

We provide training on the topics of ritual abuse, human trafficking and complex trauma to churches and organizations. Training includes instruction on topics ranging from basic to advanced materials on type A and B trauma with survivors of severe trauma including ritual abuse (SRA), human trafficking and dissociative identity disorder. Problem areas are addressed through Biblical perspective utilizing Life Model and Thrive principles.

Dates to be announced. If you are interested, click here to contact our office to be added to our conference mailing list.

Individualized Internship

This program involves observing community and prayer ministry sessions for an extended period of time. Interns can determine their own length stay from a few weeks to months.  Each intern can also determine the amount of one-on-one time required with a trainer for individual answers to questions.  Are you a student looking for a student field placement with the population of trauma survivors?  We do accept students for internship field placement.

Internship November 2009 AngelaGoals

At the completion of an internship in prayer ministry at C.A.R.E., interns should be able to accomplish the following tasks and perform the following skills:

  • Possess a working fund of knowledge on trauma, dissociation, and issues affecting survivors of ritual abuse.
  • Understand and apply the five Thrive Principles in developmental growth.
  • Identify the levels of pain in the brain’s control center.
  • Possess a working knowledge and application of the nineteen skills.
  • Identify maturity levels in self and others.
  • Identify goals and tasks to address maturity deficits and apply appropriate interventions.
  • Identify your own maturity deficits and develop a plan to address them.
  • Understand the process of recovery from both type A and type B traumas.
  • Understand and apply the necessary resources for recovery.
  • Synchronize with others who are in distress.
  • Differentiate between the therapeutic individual model of treatment and interventions through a community approach.
  • Participate in and experience life in community.
  • Understand and participate in conflict resolution and repair.
  • Learn to effectively pray for survivors using the Prayer Warriors booklet as a guide.
  • Participate as a team member in community prayer and accountability teams.
  • Observe prayer ministry sessions.
  • Administer prayer in prayer sessions with clients using the above skills.


All interns are required to fulfill these tasks:

  • Read, sign, and follow the “Code of Ethics and Conduct Agreement” included in your application.
  • Complete all reading assignments given by your supervisor.
  • Read Prayer Warriors and apply prayers appropriate to client situations.
  • Attend weekly group intern supervision meetings, complete the requested information on the intern worksheets, and submit to your supervisor.
  • Participate as a team member and attend weekly team meetings.
  • Strive to attend all community events and functions.
  • Follow instructions given by your supervisor, directors and staff of C.A.R.E. If instructions are confusing or unclear, consult your supervisor.


Internship November 2009 Kitten, Sara and AliceBasic Internship Certificate

  • Read and submit written answers to the questions following each chapter in the Setting the Captives Free Training Manual.
  • Present at least one case per month at the intern supervision meeting.
  • Demonstrate mastery of the Five-to-Thrive material by presenting the lecture to interns or in at least one intensive session.
  • Observe 300 hours of prayer ministry.

Advanced Internship Certificate

  • Complete of the Basic Internship Program.
  • Complete administration of 300 hours of prayer ministry with clients.

Please contact our office for an application and information regarding the costs for this program.

Mail: 9731 S M-37, Baldwin, MI 49304
Phone: 231-745-0500
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