What is C.A.R.E.? (please click here to read our About page)

What does your program offer?

  • We offer Intensive Prayer Ministry to survivors of severe abuse and trauma.
  • We provide a Community experience to help in healing. Many wounded people have not learned how to bond with others. They have had very poor relational skills (too clingy, too distant, unable to share themselves with others, unable to receive, unable to trust, etc.) Bonding and accountability are necessary parts of the healing process and community facilitates those needs. Read more about our community on our CARE Community page.
  • We sell materials through CARE Packaging that we believe are helpful in educating survivors, their care-givers, and therapists.

What is Intensive Prayer Ministry? (please read more about our intensive prayer ministry here)

How long does healing take? How much prayer ministry will I need?

That is a question only God can answer. It is dependent on how long the trauma lasted, how you perceived the trauma, how the trauma impacted various areas of your life, how it impacted your belief system concerning God, Jesus and yourself. Remember healing is not a quick fix;. It is a process which takes time, energy and focus. Healing is intertwined with your walk with the Lord Jesus Messiah and your ability to fully trust Him and give to Him your self-sufficiency. It is learning to fear the Lord; instead of fearing man or Satan. It is a process of maturing spiritually.

What is the cost of prayer ministry?

Please call us at 231-745-0500 to get our current rates. We charge by the hour, which goes to the upkeep of our office building and to pay the salaries of the staff. Phone appointments are available at the same rate. Because we do not take insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare, we try to keep our charges reasonable.

Do you offer inpatient/housing services?

No, we do not offer either inpatient or safe-housing services. We do have a house where some of the women of our community live. There is sometimes space available for lease there. The survivors living in our community, who themselves are on a healing journey, support each other and any new people who come into the community. Read more about our Riverhouse.

Do you have a board of directors? What do your financial and personal accountability look like?

We are accountable to our Board of Directors. They bring a variety of skills to our organization. We have two board meetings each year to review our fiscal status and responsibilities, as well as our personal progress as leaders of the community.

Other Questions

If you did not find the answer to your question, please consider contacting us:

  • Contact Cheryl Knight if you:
    • Are a therapist or survivor and have questions about trauma recovery
    • Have questions about our community
    • Are interested in visiting our community
    • Have prayer requests
    • Are a caregiver and would like to know how to help your survivor
    • Have questions about our website
    • Have questions about our Messianic congregation
    • Have questions about Messianic Judaism
  • Contact Jo Getzinger if you:
    • Are a therapist or survivor and have questions about trauma recovery
    • Are interested in training to work with survivors within a community setting or giving survivors support
    • Are interested in developing a healing community for survivors in your area
    • Have questions about the Internship Program
  • Contact our Secretary if you:
    • Have questions or need information on C.A.R.E., Inc.
    • Need to schedule an appointment (or phone appointment) with one of our therapists
    • Have questions about the Community, or would like a Community packet of information, including a community application
    • Desire to have a community member answer questions
    • Wish to support the community or C.A.R.E., Inc.
    • Need to find a therapist near you
    • Have questions about how to donate money, stocks or in kind gifts to C.A.R.E., Inc.
    • Have questions about the Adopt-A-Survivor Fund
    • Have questions about payment plans for therapy bills
    • Have questions about the Internship Program
    • Have questions about our Training Programs
  • Contact CARE Packaging if you:
    • Have questions regarding how we can distrubute your materials
    • Have questions regarding how we can publish your materials
    • Would like to purchase materials

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