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Facts About Human Trafficking

Early in our development of CARE, Jo and I were visiting various places, learning as much as we could about the area of trauma.  We were learning so much, and it was often painful information.  We came across information about human trafficking of women and children...

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It’s All About Love

When I prayed about today’s sermon, I felt that God spoke to word “love” to me. I asked Him to elaborate. I asked, “God, what about “love” do you want to speak to your people today? What do you want them to know, what do you want them to feel, what do you want them to...

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Just A Little Help From Our People

Managing the self is very important in the healing process. "The neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux and his colleagues have shown that the only way we can consciously access the emotional brain is through self--awareness, i.e. By activating the medial prefrontal cortex, the...

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Post Traumatic Reactions

"The fundamental issue in resolving traumatic stress is to restore the proper balance between the rational and emotional brains, so that you can feel in charge of how you respond and how you conduct your life. When we're triggered into states of hyper- or hypoarousal,...

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