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The Stress of the Holidays

Hardly anyone would claim to be a stranger to holiday stress. From money woes to holiday travel, traditions, and family tension, at some point everyone has struggled to make it to January. But the holidays can be a particularly tough time of year for anyone with a...

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My Apologies

I have no excuses for not checking on my blog and for not adding new information.  The summer got away from me while I was not looking. I have now put it in my reminders so that my computer will slap me up side my head. You might ask - well what did you do?  And I...

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What is healing?

We are into the heat of the summer.  In Michigan it is amazing and wonderful.  It is a time to listen to the birds, watch the new born deer run across the lawn, sit on the porch and enjoy looking at the loon on the lake and taking in the light breezes when they come...

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