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Action vs Reaction

Each day brings a new adventure.  Some are quite enjoyable while others are not so much.  Understanding dissociation is difficult when you are in the midst of a crisis situation.  Often you want to react out of  the moment and that is  not a good plan. Let me give you...

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The Old Shoe

Do you remember a childhood poem that starts "I know an old woman who lived in a shoe, she had so many children she didn't know what to do"?  Well as I looked it up I found it does not say that anywhere in the poem but for the sake of this blog today I will let my...

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Building a Community

Building a community without examples is very difficult.  As I said before you need more mature people to be examples.This has been the most difficult area of our building community. A more mature person can be an example the community can emulate.  An example would...

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When you build a house you have directions on construction, if you build bridge you have directions (measurements, etc.) but when you build a community there are no directions.  For us there was just a word "go forth."  God does have a sense of humor, I don't always...

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