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Loss of Self

"Nobody can "treat" a war, or abuse, rape, molestation, or any other horrendous event, for that matter; what has happened cannot be undone.  But what can be dealt with are the imprints of the trauma on body, mind, and soul: the crushing sensations in your chest that...

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Trafficking In Michigan

We always think things happen to someone else, but not us. Horrible things happen in other countries but not ours. I was shocked to learn that Michigan is one of the top spots in the United States for human trafficking. There are many unreported cases and therefore we...

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Modern Day Slavery

It is hard to believe that there is slavery today, but my friends, it is more common than any of us want to believe.  I want you to read the statistics of what is really going in through human and sexual trafficking and think how you would feel if your child was a...

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Survivor Needs

One thing that can be very helpful to a survivor is when they are in distress ask the question, "What can I do for you right now that would be helpful?"  It is very important to not assume what the survivor needs.  If a survivor says they don't know what would help...

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